Your Budget Crisis

States, cities, schools - all across the country they're battling dwindling budgets and increased demand for public services. To overcome budget gaps services are cut, people are laid off, or taxes are raised. As a citizen, what would you say if there was another tool to help minimize budget shortfalls? Well, there is - the residency check.

What are Residency Checks?
Residency checks are conducted to make sure people actually live where they say they do. How does that help communities and schools save money? It makes sure benefits are given only to those who are entitled to them. Unfortunately there will always be people who try to take advantage of a system, and that burden falls on you -- the taxpayer.

When suspicion is aroused, a residency check can settle the matter by ensuring an individual really is a part of the local population. If they're not a legal resident of the area, their drain on local resources can be stopped and possibly reimbursed.

Types of Residency Checks
The benefits of residency checks aren't exclusive to local schools and services. They can also apply to state or county tuition rates in higher educational institutions, tracking sex offender residency, political representation, disability and other forms of insurance fraud, employment residency requirements, and more. These residency checks are primarily conducted in two ways:

  1. Electronic Residency Checks - This involves searching public records to check residency status (looking for multiple records that prove residency in a specific location).
  2. Surveillance Residency Checks - If an electronic residency check leaves reason for suspicion, covert surveillance can be conducted to determine if an individual actually maintains physical residency where they claim to.

Isn't it time you considered a residency check? Stop letting taxpayers support non-residents. Stop your company from paying out on fraudulent insurance claims. You can stop these abuses and more when you establish residency with an electronic or surveillance-based residency check today!